ADVA optical networking

Adaptation of office space for a computer networks laboratory.


The customer operates in research & design. The whole architecture has been adapted for flexible testing needs of network equipment. Testing continuity was important, but not key. The key issue for the customer were the OPEX costs which, due to the utilization of the most modern air conditioning and power systems were reduced by 60-70%.

Thanks to this, the PUE indicator for the entire laboratory is 1.09.

Design stage.

Executive - construction design of the server area, with functionalities required by the client.
Providing server-room visualization, simulation of an indirect, free-cooling air conditioning system operation. 

Visualization of air distribution.

Matching cabinets and racks to individual customer requirements.

Realization stage

Delivery of a precision air-conditioning Stulz system with indirect free-cooling, with 500 kW power and a possible extension of up to 1 MW. The expected savings due to a free-cooling system - compared with a conventional freon-inverter system -  45 - 50 thousand euro / year. After expansion - 95 -100 thousand euro / year. 

Delivery of cold-corridor installation system with cabinets and racks, custom designed for the customer - 200 pcs. of cabinets and racks. 

Delivery of early fire-detection and extinguishing system. 

Delivery of a BMS system connected to the BMS system in the customers’ central. 

Delivery of environmental conditions monitoring system. 

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