International Paper - Kwidzyn

Ensuring continuity of operation of computers controlling the production processes for two
computer rooms.


The customer requirement was air filtration of aggressive compounds with maintenance of environmental conditions on a very strict level.
The difficulty in this project was the use of appropriate precise air conditioning units, for the constant processing of fresh air blown from the outside with
any given parameters, while maintaining accuracy  of21oC +/- 1 ° C, 50% RH +/- 5%.

The required hyper-pressure in the computer room is 20 Pa.

Design stage

Executive - construction design of the computer room area.
Selection of gas phase filtration devices (chemical filtration).
Development of functional scenarios for the server-room.

Realization stage

Delivery and implementation of the hyper-pressure system in the computer room using Eagle Burgmann gas phase filters with a capacity of 1000 m3 / h.
Delivery of hyper-pressure control system with connection to the facility BMS.
Delivery of water treatment systems for steam humidifiers.
Delivery of the Stulz precision air conditioning system with redundancy.
Delivery of raised floor.

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