Gdansk University of Technology - TASK – computing cluster.

Repair and replacement of the precision air conditioning system.


The main requirement of the client was to replace the main precision air conditioning system without interference with the server-room operation.
The greatest difficulty associated with the air-conditioning of the supercomputer area was the restriction resulting from the height of the raised floor and its capacity. For this reason, we have used air supply from the side of the raised floor with Stulz AirBooster Pro active floor panels and air supply to the cold corridor from the top, by means of two precision air conditioning units.
Redevelopment was also necessary for the power supply system due to the foundation of a new cold-water generator on a previously prepared foundation on the roof.

The highest cleanliness standard of the works was required.

Design stage

Selection of an air conditioning system based on a cold-water generator with free-cooling.

Logistics of the project aimed to ensure the greatest possible safety of the server-room operation.

Realization stage

Supply of temporary precision air conditioning system to ensure operational continuity.

Dismantling of the old chilled-water air conditioning units.
Attaching the existing chiller system to the class-rooms cooling system.
Supply of a high-end Stulz CyberCool 2 free-cooling  800 kW cold-water generator.

Delivery of 8 pcs. Of AC units with different airflow configurations with pressure control underneath the technical floors, to ensure adequate air supply in the cold corridor area.

For the most thermally loaded racks, we have provided a Stulz AirBooster Pro active-floor system with variable performance based on temperature parameters in rack cabinets.

Delivery of cold corridor constructions for both computing clusters.

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