Adaptation of storage space for a server room.


The client required a part of a server room solely for his needs. The remaining space is designated for rent of ready-made IT racks, maintained by the client as a professional collocation center. Power supply from medium voltage power-grid via two generators and two independent UPS systems. Air-conditioned with N + 2 redundancy, inline devices with ventilation for a technical floor.

Design stage.

Executive - construction design of the server area with ​​ functionalities required by the client. 

Provide server visualization, simulation of various air-conditioning systems. 

Development of functional scenarios for the server room. 

Realization stage.

Realization of medium voltage connections to the server room.

Delivery of load-bearing structures for power generators and air-conditioning heat exchangers on the roof. 

Delivery of the medium voltage power system with redundancy levels required for the corresponding load. Key loads supplied from two generators via UPS Benning Enetronic Modular with power of 240 kVA @ 15 min. 

Delivery of 2 FOGO generators with capacity of 60 and 300 kVA. 

Delivery of a modern, precision air-conditioning Stulz system. 

Delivery of modular raised floor system - ERAR-SYSTEM.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Delivery of rack cabinets designed for cold corridors.

Delivery of the early fire-detection and extinguishing system.

Delivery of access and environmental conditions monitoring systems and CCTV.

The entire server room meets the Uptime Institute Tier III standard.

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