Porta KMI Poland

Adaptation of storage space for a server room.


The customer requested a separate space in his warehouse for a server room, in form of a separate, roofed room.

Design stage

Executive - construction design of the server area with functionalities required by the client. 

Provide server visualization, simulation of various air-conditioning systems. 

Development of functional scenarios for the server room. 

Realization stage

Construction - walls and roofing of the server room.
Delivery of a power supply and guaranteed power supply systems based on UPS Benning
Enertronic Modular 120 kVA with expansion to 200 kVA, with an EPS power generator.
System with a capacity of 145 kVA and manageable modular PDU strips.
Delivery of an in-line, high density Stulz CyberRow indirect free-cooling air conditioning system.
Delivery of access and environmental conditions monitoring systems and
Delivery of an ERAR-SYSTEM raised floor.
Delivery of an early fire-detection and extinguishing system.
Delivery of rack cabinets and separation of a cold corridor.

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